Beginner Flight Announcements

In these exercises, the listener is training to listen for specific information. In particular, the listener is practicing listening for numbers and destinations as well as general understanding. This is a good exercise for high level beginners and low level pre-intermediate learners.


Exercise 1:  Match the correct word and meaning to the correct picture.

Listening for Gate Numbers

Exercise 2: Answer the following questions whilst you listen.

Listening for Time

Exercise 3:  Answer the following questions whilst you listen.

1.What time is Qantas flight 442 scheduled to take off?

2.What time is Qantas flight 818 scheduled to take off?

3.What time is Qantas flight 624 scheduled to take off?

Listening for Destinations

Exercise 4:  Answer the following questions whilst you listen.

1.Where is flight 442 going?

2.Where is flight 818 going?

3.Where is flight 624 going?


Exercise 6:  Listen to the audio and fill in the gaps with the missing words.  [Hint: the _ represents a letter so _ _ _ _ means the word has four letters.]  

Final call at (1) _ _ _ _ number 1 Qantas flight 689.

Qantas flight 442 to Sydney, the 3 p.m. (2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ now boarding gate 24.

First and final boarding (3) _ _ _ _ for Qantas flight 818, the 3:15 service to Canberra now boarding at gate number 2, Qantas flight 818.

Qantas flight 624 to Brisbane (4) _ _ _ 5 past 3 service is now boarding through gate (5) _ _ _ _ _ _ number 9. Third and final boarding call for Qantas flight 442, the 3 p.m. service to Sydney now boarding on (6) _ _ _ _ _ call at gate number 24, Qantas flight 442.


You can find the answers to the above exercises in the instructional video above or by clicking the link below:

Departure Lounge Answers

Create Your Own

If you would like to create your own lesson based around the recorded material, here are the original flight calls for you to use.

Flight Announcements – all 5 flight calls